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When it comes to transporting a prized possession like a piano, choosing the right moving services becomes crucial. In Asheville, NC, Piano Movers of America stands out as the premier provider of piano moving services, carrying a rich legacy of excellence, integrity, and professionalism.

Our commitment to ensuring the safe transport of your piano is unmatched, making us the go-to-choice for piano moving services in Asheville, NC.

Our team of skilled movers understands the gradations involved in piano moving.

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From upright pianos to grand pianos, each requires a specific approach to ensure its safety and integrity during transport. Our expertise in handling these instruments, combined with state-of-the-art moving equipment, ensures that your piano is in safe hands.

Choosing Piano Movers of America for piano moving services in Asheville, NC, means entrusting your valuable instrument to a team that treats it with the care and respect it deserves.



Relocating a piano over long distances presents unique challenges that only specialists can handle effectively. As long distance piano movers in Asheville, NC, Piano Movers of America possesses the expertise, equipment, and experience to ensure your piano’s safe arrival at its new home, regardless of the distance.

Our long distance moving services are designed to address the specific needs of transporting pianos securely across states or even the country.

Our team methodically plans each aspect of the move, from the initial assessment to the final placement in your new location, ensuring that every detail is covered.

We understand the sentimental and financial value of your piano, and our long distance piano movers in Asheville, NC, take every precaution to protect it during transit.

With Piano Movers of America, you can have peace of mind knowing that your piano is in the hands of professionals who prioritize its safety and security above all else.

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Why Choose Us for Your Piano Moving Needs?

Piano Movers of America has been a symbol of trust and excellence in the piano moving industry since 1949. Our foundation is built on integrity, reliability, and professionalism, traits that have endeared us to generations of customers in the Atlanta, Georgia area and beyond.

When you choose us as your piano movers in Asheville, NC, you are opting for a partner who values your instrument as much as you do.

Our team is not just skilled in the art of moving pianos; they are also trained to handle your instruments with the utmost care and precision. We understand that every piano has its story, its melodies that have touched hearts and homes.

As such, we take extra special care during transport or storage, ensuring that your musical journeys continue unimpeded.

Choosing Piano Movers of America for your piano moving needs in Asheville, NC, is a decision that guarantees peace of mind. Our reputation, built over decades of service, is a testament to our commitment to excellence in every move we undertake.

Whether you are looking for piano moving services in Asheville, NC, or require long distance piano movers, our team is ready to deliver unmatched service with integrity and professionalism at its core. Trust us to be the custodians of your piano’s next journey, ensuring it continues to bring music and joy to your new home.

FAQs: Long Distance Piano Movers in Asheville, NC

Yes, we specialize in moving all types of pianos, including upright, baby grand, grand, and concert grand pianos. Our team is trained to handle each type with the care and expertise it requires.

Our long distance piano movers in Asheville, NC, use specialized equipment and techniques tailored to piano moving. This includes custom crating, padding, and securement in our climate-controlled vehicles, ensuring your piano is protected against any transit-related risks.

Yes, Piano Movers of America offers climate-controlled storage solutions to safeguard your piano when you are not ready to move it into your new home immediately. Our storage facilities are secure and designed to maintain the optimal conditions for your piano.

We recommend scheduling your piano move as early as possible, especially for long distance relocations. This allows us to plan your move more efficiently and ensures that we can accommodate your preferred timetable.